Saturday, April 21, 2018
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We give you a unique tabloid that keeps you ahead in the world of fashion with that subtle touch of humor bringing a smile on your face, along with entertainment, style and other high energy elements that will keep you asking for more. Our entire team lives creatively so we dare to be different.

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32/1035,S.CBose Club Road, A.I.M.S.P.O., Cochin, Kerala – 682041

Tel: +91 9995970020


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The Friday Mania  also brings together various sectors like fashion designing, interior designing, designer shoots, profile shoots, product branding and promotion and New product launch section. The purpose of getting these sectors under one roof is  to benefit those people who are in the market but never thought about promoting their brand in a unique way, thus acting like a mouthpiece or brand ambassador.

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Ingredients Beet root Shrimps Pea Nuts Green Beans Dark soya sauce Fish sauce Fresh Red chilly Garlic Jaggery Kikkoman soya sauce Lime juice Salt Peel and seed beetroot and shred and  crush garlic with a pestle and...
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